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Faculty / Staff

Dr. Sandra Maddox - Learn more about Dr. Maddox here
Director, Lois G. Britt Agribusiness Center

Chair, Agriculture Divison

Phone: (919) 658-7682

Email: smaddox@umo.edu

Edward F. Olive
Assistant Director, Lois G. Britt Agribusiness Center

Phone: (919) 658-7510

Fax: (919) 658-7633

Email: eolive@umo.edu

Administrative Assistant, Lois G. Britt Agribusiness Center

Phone: (919) 658-1664

Dr. Stephen Edwards

Assistant Professor, Agriculture Education

Phone: (919) 658-7855

Email: sedwards@umo.edu

Dr. Amy Johnson

Assistant Professor of Agriculture Education

Phone: (919) 299-4592

Email: ajohnson@umo.edu

Dr. Heather Glennon

Assistant Professor of Animal Science

Phone: (919) 299-4600

Email: hglennon@umo.edu

Mr. Tim Warren, M.Ed.

Agribusiness Operations Manager

Phone: (919) 658-7875

Email: twarren@umo.edu

Dr. Curtis Rains

Agriculture Program Consultant/Recruiter

Phone: (919) 658-7510

Email: rainsmoc@embarqmail.com

Dr. Saman Herath Bandara

Assistant Professor of Agribusiness & Econ

Phone: (919) 299-4935

Dr. Chris Taylor

Assistant Professor of Agribusiness

Phone: (919) 658-7894